What Is Youtube Poop?


Author: Lisa
Published: 3 Nov 2021

YouTube and the Nixon ad

If you've traveled around the internet, you're probably heard of the video. It's not clear what a YouTube Poop is, and it's a common type of video. Offline, YouTube has origins that go back many decades.

Daffy Duck in Hollywood is one of the earliest cartoons that has a similar look to a YTP. Daffy Duck goes to a movie studio, grabs various films from shelves, and mixes them together to make a new movie. The final product, called Gold Is Where You Find It, is similar to a YTP.

The part at 0:47 feels like it came from a YTP. Richard Nixon put out a political ad in 1968 to attack his opponent in the presedential race. It has a lot of quick cuts between images, distorted sounds, and other elements that look like a YTP.

YTP Tennis: A New Soccer Game

YTP Tennis similar to YTPMV Soccer, but has fewer rules, uses more poopisms and is made out of a previous round on the internet. Adding sources to the next round may or may not be allowed.


The main part of the videos on the internet are poopisms. They are the techniques used by YTPers to transform source material into YTPs. As more YTPs were made, many poopisms evolved.

The Pseudo-Scalar'" "Faint and Infrarening Dark Matter", by J. Smirnov, Amos Iwasawa (2001), 387-398

It had a great source material. It is going to sound better than most videos that use compressed mp3s as the audio source. Even if it is not being delivered in pure lossless format, it still sounds better than the average music video on Youtube. The original audio source is being compressed by the internet.

SUSY: A New Slogan for Suspicious

When Sos is in your system, you have to say Sos, or even non-sus words like coc or j if you want to. It causes you to avoid all the other types of animals because they are made of them. Two years after the release of Among Us, it was popularized by many well-known streamers and YouTubers, as a slang for suspicious, even though it is not related to Youtube.

The Pauls and the Particle

The Pauls were propelled even further by their complaints. The brothers hit back with a series of tracks that brought in more than 150 million views.

Normality of bowel movements

Chinese medicine says that it is once or twice a day, but there are other ideas about what is considered normal. If you go three or more times a day, it is considered too frequent and you are considered to have constipation. A foul smell indicates heat in the intestines.

There is an issue between the spleen and the liver. There is a deficiency of the spleen if there is lots of gas, a foul smell, and damp heat. Retention of food or the presence of parasites in the gut are the reasons for Constipation that is relieved by having a bowel movement.

The abdominal pain is caused by the stagnation of the Chinese Yin and Yang principle. The frequent stools that are not loose are usually caused by the sinking of the spleen. The pain before a bowel movement is caused by the stagnation of the bile duct.

There are two main causes of pain during a bowel movement: the large intestine and the cold in the large intestine. Pain will be relieved by pooping and cold in the large intestine will not be alleviated by moving the bowels. If you have pain after a bowel movement, it is most likely due to a deficiency in the spleen.

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