What Is Youview?


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Published: 10 May 2022

YouView: A Platform for Fair Trading

YouView is a platform developed by YouView TV, a partnership of four broadcasters, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and three telecommunications operators, Arqiva,BT Group and TalkTalk Group. The Office of Fair Trading received analysis from the Project Canvas partners on March 22, 2010 explaining why the proposed Canvas joint venture does not meet the requirements of the Enterprise Act 2002. The OFT confirmed on May 19th that it would not investigate Project Canvas.

The OFT ruled that it did not have the authority to investigate the venture because none of the partners were contributing a pre-existing business. The OFT stated that the Project Kangaroo joint venture was blocked by the Competition Commission in 2009, and that the partners will not contribute any video-on-demand content or other business to Project Canvas. The project was approved by the trust in June of 2010.

Controlling the TV

Take control of your TV by recording, pausing, and reversing it. You can record two different channels. The Humax DTR-T1000 can record up to 300 hours of TV.

Catchup on programmes without remembering which service is being broadcast

It means you can search for a programme and get catch-up episodes without having to remember which service they are on. You have to remember the channel on which the show was broadcasted, load up the catch-up service, and search for the show on the smart TV interface to dig out a show you missed.

The YouView project

The service will allow people to watch live TV but also allow them to catch up on TV shows on demand, which is a familiar site across many other services. The YouView venture is a partnership between the BBC, TalkTalk, Arqiva, and other broadcasters. Sky and Virgin Media are annoyed that the BBC is using Youview to promote itself rather than focusing on making programmes.

YouView: A Set Top Box for Digital TV

It's a set top box that you can use to watch basic digital TV and catch up on demand services, and it's also a broadband connection. You can record programmes if you buy a Youview+ box. You can get Youview as a box or as part of a TV package from TalkTalk orBT, which will give you access to more channels.

It's possible to save a bit of dough by including it in a bundle with phone and broadband. Youview has a great feature that is user-friendly. You can find catch up in the TV guide, where you just scroll back in time to the episode you want to watch.

There are lots of channels for entertainment, news, and radio. You can add on more with TalkTalk TV and Sky 1, for example. Movie buff?

YouView has the coverage you need if you get TV through TalkTalk orBT. You can get a Sky Cinema Pass that gives you unlimited access to Sky Movies and Now TV. The Sky Store has hundreds of movies to rent or buy, including some of the latest blockbusters.

If you don't want to be tied down to a contract, you can get a Youview box on its own from most major electronics retailers such as John Lewis, Currys, or Argos. If you want to watch catch up and on demand TV, you need a broadband connection, a TV, and a YouView set top box. TalkTalk has a 5Mb requirement, while the minimum for the Sport program is at least 6.5Mb.

You View: The Status

You View is the most popular advanced TV platform. When the core technical specification was published in 2011, it was the first to integrate terrestrial TV with internet-delivered channels. The company is no longer pushing general updates to all of its boxes, and instead is producing ISP-specific upgrades. You can expect to see different features from the supplier of your You View box.

A new approach to the scalar field theory

Youview is a better option. TalkTalk TV can add the full suite of Sky Sports channels as a boost. You can get it from the same company.

Youview Box

Youview Box is a hot topic in the year 2011; youview guides and news are available at Youview Plus. You can buy your youview box when it's sold.

How to Become A Star with TalkTalk

You must be living under a rock if you have never heard of a youview box. People used to pay for cable TV and watch their favourite show late at night. You can pause, record or replay live TV with youview.

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