What Is Zoom Basic?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 20 Feb 2022

Zoom: A New Tool for Video Conferencing

The novel coronaviruses has caused a surge in usership at Zoom. It is possible for professionals to connect with their colleagues in engaging ways when they work from home. The video conferencing solution's capabilities are easy to use and require minimal training to use properly.

The Zoom website has a lot of resources to help you if you get stuck. There are many videos on the internet dedicated to training with zoom. You can use built-in collaboration tools like co-annotations, private and public chat groups, file sharing, virtual hand raising, and polling and Q&A features.

Group meetings hosted with Zoom feel like in-person gatherings. If your colleagues can't see your work, video conferencing can become difficult. If you've ever tried to get your camera to move to better capture your computer screen, you know what we're talking about.

That's why the screen sharing capabilities are included in the program. Have you ever walked out of a meeting and wondered what the boss wanted you to do? You're in luck if that's the case.

Every meeting hosted on the platform, private or public, can be captured for future reference with the video call recording. You can have your meetings transcribed with upgraded plans. You can use zoom to put a background behind you.

Zooming in Meetings

The ability a user has to use during a meeting is what determines the roles of the zoom account. Each user will have a different privilege, and each role has a unique privilege. You can find the role you have on your account on the profile page.

Meetings with a Lightweight Anti-Virus in the Early Universe

There might be some changes to security in the future. There are three major differences between the free and paid versions. The recording options are different.

The free version only allows you to record to your local storage, while the Pro version allows you to save your calls to the cloud. You can create a link to invite people to your meeting in the free version. Automatic integration into email is one of the more advanced options shown in the paid version.

Using the Video Platform for Collaboration in Business and Home

Many employees who used to work in the office are now working from home, because the teleconferencing tools are so easy to use. Go to the browser and zoom in. The platform is compatible with many different operating systems.

The layout will be different if you are on a mobile device. Users can conduct meetings in HD video and audio with the free option, as well as join via their PC or telephone line, and both desktop and apps can be shared. A confirmation email should have arrived in your inbox.

You can either open the message, click "Activate Account" or paste the confirmation link into your browser, but you will need to create an account with your name and password. You can add a zoom extension to the test meeting if you want. There are several different extensions for browsers including a Microsoft Outlook extension, a IBM Notes extension, and a Mozilla Firefox extension.

If you will be using the program for work in the future, you should install add-ons now. "Settings" is where you should head next. You can adjust settings implemented by default, including whether or not video is automatically enabled when you join a meeting, and whether or not participants can join a meeting before the host arrives.

You can decide whether or not to allow public and private chats when you host a meeting, and you can also give permission for files to be transferred, and who can share their screen. The first screen you see shows your diary. Click "schedule a new meeting" and a new screen will appear, in which you can name your meeting, add a description, and choose the date or time.

Zoom v1.0: A New Version of the Virtual Background feature

A co-host can help with large meetings. If you have a meeting with 60 people and you need help with answering chat messages, co-hosting can be helpful. You can have as many co-hosts as you want with a paid account.

You can have people register before the meeting if you have a paid account. You can approve them after they register. They can join the meeting after receiving the link.

The registration feature is missing in a basic account. It is a good asset to have a paid account, but it is not a good asset in a basic account. The Virtual Background feature is trendy.

It is easy to share a presentation in a meeting, but now you can use a virtual background. The participants can view your video directly on the screen share. On February 1, 2021, the latest update was released by Zoom.

Blurring your background is one of the new features. The blurred background is a great feature if you need added privacy. The new version of zoom allows hosts to schedule meetings with Join Before Host with time limits.

Global shortcuts for a non-zero zoom

The global shortcuts can be used, meaning they will work even when the zoom is not on. To enable a global shortcut, check the option next to the shortcut.

Zoom Rooms: Managing Meeting Space for Business

A meeting is called a zoom meeting. The term video conferencing meetings refers to the platform that allow remote and co-located meeting attendees to communication easily. You can meet with clients or conduct interviews with remote candidates without having a Zoom account.

A hardware setup called a Zoom Room allows companies to launch their meetings from their conference rooms. Users can schedule, launch, and run Zoom Meetings with the push of a button in a conference room with the help of the software-defined video conferencing hardware system called the Zoom Rooms. The ideal solution for larger companies is to use the Zoom Rooms, which require an additional subscription top of a Zoom subscription.

Once you've selected the plan you want to use, you can sign up and download it onto your computer. If your system administrator is signing up for a Pro, Business, or enterprise account, you will be invited to sign up for the free version of the service. You should sync Zoom to your calendar so you can schedule meetings that appear on your calendar, or you should add a link to events on your calendar so remote participants can join.

To do this, you have to navigate to "Settings," then "Meetings," and finally "synced calendars." Then, you can choose to sync the calendar with the one you want to sync with the zoom meetings. By doing this, you can sync your calendars with the same one in both directions, so your calendar client will offer an option to add a link to the Zoom meetings you schedule in the app.

If your business sets up Zoom Rooms, you can make it easier for employees to find meeting rooms when they need them. Employees can be aware of when they need to start wrapping up or when they can sit in a meeting with the help of the Zoom Rooms. You can use features like turning your video and microphone settings on and off, inviting other meeting participants, chatting with other meeting participants, recording the meeting, and sharing your screen once you're in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom Meetings Pro: A Robust Communication Platform

While most users use the free video conferencing tool, the platform is actually a robust communications platform with a number of different paid software options to boost productivity. Users can host unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants. Only one license is allowed per account for meetings with more than three participants.

The only support options that are offered by the basic are service tickets. The basic plan is robust for a free plan, but it has limitations like time caps and limited support options. You can get more flexibility for your team with the only price being $14.99 per month.

The features listed above are included in the Zoom Meetings Pro, which allows for 100 meeting participants and up to 9 licenses. The meeting cap will be removed and the time will be moved to a full 30 hours, which no reasonable person would ever need to exceed. You can get any help you need quickly and effectively with the live chat support options.

Analytical reporting and social media streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube are some of the new features in the Zoom Meetings Pro. In the event that your team is moving from another platform, you will be able to use the same interoperability with Skype for Business. The plans below support HD video and audio quality, 1000 meeting participants and 10,000 viewers, and allow you to join, book, and schedule meetings with a single click.

You can integrate meetings with other online services, and they can be recorded and transcribed in real-time. You can use whiteboard and annotations if you have a touch-enabled display. You get more than just a unified app with the phone.

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Click on the schedule to go to the meeting. Make sure your calendar is set to other calendars. After scheduling, copy the invite link and distribute it to the participants.

Zoom: A Pro-level Videoconferencing System for Small and Medium Enterprises

All Pro and Basic features are included in the plan for small and medium businesses. You can host up to 300 participants in your meetings with the help of the business. Adding your company branding to your portals can be done with a vanity URL.

Large enterprises can use video conferencing with Zoom. Meeting rooms can hold up to 500 people, and the Zoom enterprise plan is designed for large companies. The enterprise plan subscribers can use a dedicated customer service manager.

Zoom Meetings

No matter how big or small the company needs to hold online meetings with Zoom Meetings. If participants have an internet connection, they can join from a computer or mobile device. They can either turn on their cameras or keep them off to protect their privacy.

Each person can control their microphone to give someone their attention. You can check out some of the other features of the meeting. The good news is that there is a free plan available.

It is unsuitable for most businesses because of the limitations in place. The free plan allows you to host up to 100 people and participate in unlimited one-on-one meetings, which are both essential benefits. The problem comes from a 40-minute time limit on all meetings.

It can take some of the scheduling headaches out of video meetings, as it allows you to create your own meeting anywhere at any time. You can restrict the meeting to specific groups. You can share files with your team while working with zoom chat on both desktop and mobile

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