What Is Zoom Immersive View?


Author: Lisa
Published: 14 Apr 2022

Immersive View: A New Type of Virtual Background

Immersive View is a new type of virtual background that puts you and other meeting attendees in a realistic looking location. It allows up to 25 people. You can enable Immersive View from the same menu as Speaker View and Gallery View. Then, the meeting host can either upload their own scene or place attendees in a virtual scene.

Immersive View Group Management

Local recording of Immersive Views is the only one supported. The scene in Immersive View will be the only one captured. Cloud recordings appear as Gallery or Speaker layout depending on settings. The Group Management page has been renamed to Groups if you signed up for a new account after August 21, 2021.

Immersive View of the X-ray Binary

There are more participants in the scene. You can still host as many people as you normally would, even though you have your meeting capacity still. Gallery View is a view that is recommended for larger meetings.

Zooming in

The feature was announced at the conference last year, and now it is available for free and pro accounts. The feature allows up to 25 people to join a meeting. The platform already offers virtual background features, but the feature focuses on actually placing members in a realistic looking location instead of just changing out a flat background.

The ability to zoom allows hosts to move attendees around the scene. Users can use the option to make their own scenes. The company stated that the best results will come from matching the file type, aspect ratio, and resolution recommendations it has for virtual background.

Immersive View in Webinar

Immersive View is a step in the right direction, and it's important that you improve the comfort level of the attendees. You can change the location of your participants. Immersive View works well in a Webinar.

Two-Dimensional Immersion Viewers

There are some really interesting Immersive Views that you can use for just two people. The Immersive Views are great for online teaching. It draws the attention of students and they can see who is in the various groups.

Zoom Immersive View for Meeting Host Optimisation

For better or worse, the feeling of a meeting can be mimicked by the zoom Immersive View. Each participant can be placed against a shared background, and the host can uploaded any image as a shared background. A meeting host can use any image they want.

Can I eat the same food?

Yes. The native set of Immersive View Scenes may not be the right fit for you, and thus you can have a different scene in a meeting. When Immersive View is enabled, you can use a background of your own.

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3. Choose from one of the virtual background provided by the company. There are different layouts for groups of 25 people or smaller. You can also make your own scene.

Using the Immersive View feature to create backgrounds for meetings

The host can use the Immersive View feature to create a background theme for meetings or to create a layout where participant videos are embedded in a scene that everyone shares.

Microsoft vs. Google: How to Create Better Connection

Microsoft believes that with Together mode, companies can encourage better connections between groups of people. If your team is hard to focus in video meetings, Together mode can help. The tool helps to keep people involved in the conversation.

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