What Is Zoom Marketplace?


Author: Richelle
Published: 5 Apr 2022

Zoom Marketplace: A Tool for Getting the Most Out of Your Apps

The Zoom Marketplace can help you find apps that can integrate with the software. Users can search for and install different types of apps. The pre-approval to install an app is controlled by account owners and admins on the marketplace website.

Pre-approval of apps is required for more control over Integrations used by members of the account. The admin can approve or disapprove apps that are already cleared for use, or members of the account can request approval, which will notify admins of the request. If owners or admins need to pre-approve apps, they can still search for them on the marketplace.

Building with the Zoom Marketplace

Whether you want to integrate into or build with the Zoom platform, you can build with the marketplace to introduce your product or service to millions of users who interact daily with the platform's integrations and apps.

Access to the Marketplace

Account access is possible. You must have a Zoom account and log-in credentials to access the Marketplace. You must not share your account details with anyone else.

There is availability of content on the marketplace. Data stored in connection with the Marketplace Content may be lost or become unavailable, and features and features may be removed at any time without notice. If your use of the Zoom Services is terminated, suspended or modified, you will not be able to access the Marketplace or any files associated with your account.

Support. Publishers Marketplace Content is not supported by Zoom. You should contact the publisher directly for any support related needs.

Zoom: An Enterprise Plan for Video Conferences

Despite the popular belief that it is an overnight success, it has been in the spotlight at the correct places. In the August of 2018, the quadrant for meeting applications by the research firm, was put Zoom among the visionary leaders, and it was in front of Microsoft and Adobe. The stock market has 888-349-8884

The basic plan of zoom is free to use and it allows users to have up to 100 members in a single meeting, online customer care services, and some extra features for group meetings. The duration of group video meetings is limited to 40 minutes. The cost of the enterprise plan is $19.99 per month and needs at least 50 members in your team.

It is a great fit for large businesses and organizations. The benefits and returns on investment of making video conferencing apps like zoom are clear. The world is adopting work from home policies, so their trend is not going away soon.

A Video Conferencing Company

The company is in video conferencing. Eric S. Yuan founded it. Eric was working with WebEx on building video conferencing products for over 14 years.

The growth strategy of the product is well executed. Their focus on organic ways makes them a perfect case study. A great product is important.

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