What Is Zoom Spotlight?


Author: Artie
Published: 23 Mar 2022

Spotlight: A Special feature for presenting separate topics

The Spotlight feature can be useful when you and a colleague are presenting separate topics. If the meeting is large and there is a lot of people in it, highlighting the presentation of each topic is more important than not. You could be spotlighted by the host as you answer questions from other participants.

The Spotlight Video

The Spotlight video is the grander implementation of the pinned video view. The speaker in the Spotlight would get the most screen real estate.

The X-ray spectrum of the neutrino

The gallery view was updated. Users can now rearrange the position of each video, instead of having them in a fixed order. Click on the link to learn more about the custom gallery view.

Spotlight Video: A User-Centered Video for Meetings

The Spotlight video puts a user as the primary speaker in the meeting. The host can spotlight the meeting if at least 3 participants are in it.

Users: The Primary Speakers in Spotlight Videos

Users are the primary speakers in Spotlight videos. Only the organizers can participate in a video-on meeting.

The pen is a pen

The pen is a pen. You can make calculations, draw a graph, write a poem, or anything else you can think of. The pen is a solid color. You can choose from 16 colors for the pen and highlighter.

Zoom 5.5.2: A Free Trial Version of the XMM-Newton App

If you can't get Zoom to work, you should check the service status of the company to see if the problem is at their end. If you point your browser at status.zoom.us, you will be able to see if any of the services are not working, what is being done about it, and if there are any ongoing problems. If you're having problems with your computer or internet connection, it's worth shutting down any apps you don't need.

That allows for more resources to be used. It's worth checking the latest version of the app, there have been a number of updates recently, the latest version is called Zoom 5.5.2. When you open zoom, you'll usually be prompted to update, but it's always worth checking, as features change between updates.

If you join a call and no one can hear you, you should not have a headset in the house. It could be that your audio has been claimed by an existing connection. Make sure the headset is connected to the device running zoom.

Check the audio source in the video. If you can't hear someone in the call, you can click on the up arrow to expand the audio button in the app. You can use the correct microphone by looking at the options on your computer.

If you've not been able to fix the problem through the program, then you should check your settings on your computer. They actually work to help find the problem. If you can't see yourself, start by checking you've started video on the call.

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