What Is Zoominfo?


Author: Lisa
Published: 29 Jan 2022

ZoomInfo: A Survey of the Internet and its Applications

Most of the companies that use ZoomInfo are based in the United States. The majority of them are in the computer software industry. Many companies use the information from the website to learn about new businesses. The platform gives an overview of companies.

ZoomInfo: A Success Story

Sales people can use ZoomInfo to maximize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast business contact database and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools. For larger enterprise companies, the ZoomInfo database has an application that gives customers access to it. Businesses can use the solutions they need within existing workflows to increase productivity and generate more revenue.

The success stories above are the reason that ZoomInfo is ranked in the top 19 categories in the Fall 2020 reports from G2 and has a track record of delivering ease-of-use, results and ROI across all company segments. Kirk Brown and Henry Schuck founded the company as DiscoverOrg in 2007, and Schuck is the CEO. The company was formerly known as DiscoverOrg and was acquired by its competitor, ZoomInfo, in February 2019.

Mobile Phone Numbers: The Case for Consumer Data Collection

Mobile phone numbers are the exception to consumer data collection. There is a Mobile phone numbers that are used for business purposes are only collected and published by Zoominfo.

ZoomInfo: A Sales Intelligence Business

The business called ZoomInfo is not related to the webconferencing tool, but rather a sales intelligence business that harvests personal data online and sells it to third parties who use it to cultivate new leads. The Privacy Policy that they have is mentioned in an example of an email from a company.

ZoomInfo Outreach - A new extension of the Salesforce integration

You will need to download the extension after you get your login and enter the platform. You can find the link by going to the bottom of your home page. Direct export into SFDC is possible with your direct login.

You can access it from the lead, contact, account record within SFDC, or from the tab view. The chrome extension allows for more functions while browsing websites. The current field mappings are documented here.

The first custom field will be visible in the zoom info section. The company phone is named after theZI. If new data is available on a lead, contact, or account, the fields are set to be able to be changed.

The only fields needed for basic lead, contact, or account creation are mapped to standard fields. All of the current accounts in the database have been enriched with a new software. Accounts are scheduled to be refreshed on Saturdays.

Any new accounts that are created will be enriched by Instant Enrich. You can export contacts directly to Outreach with the live integration of the ZoomInfo Outreach integration. Any contacts you export will be exported in SFDC.

Lead411: A Sales Intelligence Platform

There are a lot of other options that you can consider, and it is not the only good platform. Some are good for finding contacts and others have a lot of other add-on capabilities. You can choose the one that suits your business.

A contact database that can help your sales and BD teams perform better is what ZoomInfo is. It gives you accurate contact and company information to help you grow your business. You can get access to background information for your prospects, including on-demand phone numbers, email addresses, and other information.

It allows you to build lists of contacts that are more focused on sales. Lead411 is a sales intelligence platform that can be used as an alternative to zoomInfo. It has a database that can help recruiters, sales teams, marketing managers, and business builders perform better.

The way it works is by analyzing users who visit your website. Even if they don't fill out any forms, it can identify them. It can find contact information for employees of the company.

It can help you nurture those leads in the right way by tracking user behavior. It has a tool that scans the social profiles of prospects when you visit them and gathers relevant information. It is a simple to use tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes.

Data Decay and Productivity in Multi-platform Environments

Data is often hosted across multiple platforms which increases data decay and negatively impacts productivity. Data decay is a worry of the past and is being made a worry by the two companies.

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